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Company historyOur many years of project experience guarantee maximum professionalism and the smooth integration of our software solutions into your system

2018 Johannes Enge is appointed as a managing director.
2016 Markus Sager is appointed as a managing director.
2014 Christine Stopp is appointed as a managing director.
Matthias Hesser is vested with commercial power of attorney ("Prokura").
2012 Silvia Stopp is appointed as a managing director.
First ever MailSuite users' meeting for carriers and handling agents.
This meanwhile takes place once every year.
2010 / 2011
Design, implementation and initial installation of MailAccounting (our carrier accounting system) for purposes of accounting for mail transported.
International sales launch of our MailAgent and MailSystem logistics systems.
2008 Implementation of MailSystem (our carrier management system) and MailAgent (our handling agent system) at one of the major airlines.
2007 CDA marks its 25th anniversary with a proper celebration at Beilstein castle.
First joint workshop for CDA customers from the postal company & carrier sectors, on the topic of optimising the transport of mail.
2006 Design and creation of the PePAgent system for quick automatic detection of politically exposed persons and for assessment of these in terms of risk category.
2005 ILPost is extended for the European IPC Sprinter network to speed up the international transport of mail.
2003 Anna Stopp, Christine Stopp and Silvia Stopp are vested with commercial power of attorney ("Prokura").
From 2002 onwards Design and creation of a system (EmbargoAgent) for the quick detection of cases of embargo in business dealings.
2001 First ever ILPost users' meeting for postal companies.
This meanwhile takes place once every year.
From 1998 onwards Re-definition and development of ILPost, the CDA system for handling international mail.
Design, creation and delivery of a system for banks for purposes of speedy online handling of payments to foreign accounts ("AZO").
1997 The International Mail Centre ("IPZ") went into operation at Frankfurt airport using CDA software for the superordinated control of international mail handling.
1993 Cooperation agreement between UPU, DETECON and CDA relating to the global distribution of CDA's product MDS (a variation of MADRAS).
From 1992 onwards Design of the data communication network and communications software for Deutsche Post's counter service systems.
1992 - 1993 Participation in the EU project CAPE (Computer Aided Post in Europe) on behalf of the Deutsche Bundespost (German postal service).
From 1991 onwards Extension of MADRAS, the updated version of the mail exchange system, into European countries beyond the German borders.
1990 Working partnership agreement between Deutsche Telepost Consulting and CDA relating to the global distribution of MADRAS, a CDA follow-up product to LUPO.
1987 - 1989 Implementation and testing of an IT-based pilot system, LUPO, for the international exchange of mail between the USA and Germany. The pilot system was presented to the world at large during the 20th UPU Congress in Washington in November/December 1989.
From 1987 onwards Development and sale of IT systems for occupational health & safety.
1987 Creation and implementation of a software system for recording and tracking courier mail.
1982 - 1987 Project management support for major IT projects.
Development of tax consultancy programs.
Design and development of programs for data communications via public communication networks.
1982 The business is founded by Dr. Walter Stopp who also takes on the role of the new company's managing director.

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