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CDA MailAgent…a system for all carrier customers

CDA's MailAgent is a product that makes the heart of every carrier and ground-handling agent beat a little faster. Handling agents can scan and exchange all the necessary events in the handling of airmail (IATA, MLD Standard) with carriers. Ground-handling agents benefit from the fact that all airmail activities are depicted clearly and comprehensibly. One system is enough in order to use scanned data not just for several different carrier customers but also for your own purposes. The information for generating RESDIT messages is sent directly to the carrier. CARDIT/RESDIT messages can be exchanged with the postal operator on behalf of the carrier.


  • Receptacles are loaded into containers and recorded ("nesting")
  • Receptacles are allocated to specific means of transport (e.g. flight numbers)
  • The system supports standard international messages such as MLD, CARDIT and RESDIT
  • It allows resource planning and monitoring
  • Rebooking is simple
  • Intuitive ease of use

CDA's MailAgent can be installed on standard hardware with standard operating systems and can be integrated easily into existing IT infrastructures without any trouble.

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