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ILPost Accounting...for an audit-proof accounting system

Ensuring audit-proof records and allowing transparent monitoring of changes at all levels: you will find that ILPost Accounting is a solution that really pays off.

ILPost Accounting supports all the international accounting regulations. Special agreements are processed directly in the system. A connection via interfaces from the finance system to SAP, for example, allows an integrated accounting process.

Your benefits

  • All mail account settlements, as well as the latest projects such as e-accounting, are supported by this system
  • It provides all documentation required for the accounts settlement process
  • The relevant data is transmitted via an interface
  • All national and international standards and regulations are taken into consideration
  • Audit-proof records: every step taken and every change made are documented clearly
  • and comprehensibly in the system
  • The system allows transparent monitoring of changes at all levels
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