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EmbargoAgent…preventative and efficient embargo screening

EmbargoAgent serves the purpose of embargo screening. You can either opt for the in-house version of this product or you can use our EA online service. The product carries out an automated embargo screening of your company's data and transactions, comparing these with the sanctions lists of the EU and/or the US government. EmbargoAgent is your tool for ensuring your company's compliance with anti-terror regulations in a safe and transparent manner, requiring only minimum effort. Besides its intelligent inspection algorithm, the benefits of this product also include its flexible customisability and its simplicity.

 The software takes into consideration the latest sanctions lists for embargo screening, such as for example:

  • EU Regulation 2580 /2001 and EU Regulation 881 /2002
  • US sanctions lists (DPL, EL, SDN (OFAC), UVL)

Areas of use

  • Checking customer/supplier/employee base data
  • Checking exports (integration in the Atlas system / customs)
  • Contact data (e.g. from Outlook)

Special functions:

    • CDA's inspection algorithm for sanctions list screening
    • You can choose either online, batch or delta checks
    • Fuzzy search
    • "Good guy" lists
    • Customisable inspection rules
    • Escalation management
    • Multi-client capability
    • Extremely easy-to-use editing functions
    • Reporting function
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