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CDA MailSystem…ensuring transparency for your processes

Use CDA's intelligent solution, MailSystem, to ensure transparency for your processes - for checking the status, whereabouts and routes of international airmail.

This system will make it easy for you to meet the CARDIT/RESDIT message exchange requirements of your customers in the postal sector. What's more, CDA's MailSystem will give you - the carrier - a complete overview of your airmail activities. The system covers all tasks such as track & trace, claim analyses and process optimisation all the way through to the export of data to your accounting system.


  • Exchange of CARDIT and RESDIT messages with the postal companies
  • Import of scanned data from the relevant stations and ground-handling agents
  • Supports all valid formats (IATA, UPU, IPC, M39, FOMBA)
  • Optimum manifold use of all data (track & trace, claim analyses, process optimisation, analyses, reporting, provision of data for the accounting system)
  • Provides proof of transport (establishing gaps, making corrections)
  • Gives you reports on the information collected
  • Provides the data for your accounting system

CDA's MailSystem is able to function regardless of the hardware employed and universally uses the standard interfaces such as MLD, CARDIT, RESDIT, MVT, FSU, SSIM, SSM, ASM from IATA, UPU and IPC

Messages are exchanged fully automatically. The automatic processes are customisable to a highly flexible degree.

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