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Project examples

Development of a mobile app for scanning containers

Our experienced developers have developed an advanced mobile app that is ideally suited for container scanning. The hybrid app, which runs on Zebra Android scanners, has a native Android component and a Progressive Web App (PWA) component that handles the business logic of the scanning processes.

This innovative solution allows you to scan quickly and responsively regardless of platform. The app looks and feels like a native mobile app, but is easy to install and update without having to access the app store. In addition, the app is also available offline and processes scan data on the fly.

The PWA component is based on HTTPS, which reduces security risks, and allows easy selection and search of items in the app lists. Scrolling through app lists, searching and selecting items is very fast and efficient.

Experience the benefits of this advanced mobile app for container scanning and improve your processes today.

Innovation through the use of data glasses

Our think tank has set itself the goal of exploring the possibilities of data glasses to support our users.

An example of augmented reality applications could be to superimpose important information in front of the wearer's eyes. A technician can thus quickly repair defective equipment and reduce downtime.

Another possible use case is the automatic recognition of barcodes or QR codes. By scanning these codes, important information can be retrieved quickly and easily without the user having to manually enter or search for data. This is particularly advantageous in logistics, where large quantities of packages need to be recorded quickly and accurately.

In our think tank, experts from the fields of software development and data analysis work closely together to develop innovative solutions that offer our users real added value.

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