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Solutions for carriers and handling agents…also covers your special needs in a professional manner

Passion is our driving force and has been for 25 years. For carriers and handling agents, we have thus developed a solution which is in a class of its own.

CDA's MailSuite is a strong product that you can rely on in the logistics sector. It effortlessly fulfils all the procedural requirements specific to the postal sector and has a firm command of the relevant procedures, agreements and conventions such as UPUIPC and IATA. It will relentlessly detect any flaws in the logistics chain, enabling you to react promptly. It allows complete data analysis & documentation, ensuring transparency and clarity in all processes relating to international mail – from the moment of initial handover all the way through to the accounts settlement process.

Introducing ICS2:

ICS2 (Import Control System 2) is a new, large-scale cargo information system being implemented by the European Union as part of their customs pre-arrival security and safety program.

  • Mandatory ICS2 filing for consigned Mail coming into EU effective 30 June 2023 (for Airmail carriers).
  • EU transit mail is currently excluded from the requirements.
  • Process to handle non-consigned mail into EU will need to be addressed.
  • The messaging from Carrier systems to Customs should be done using existing cargo framework.

With the new ICS2 updates in MailSuite, CDA now offers :

  • a complete system and process best practices to enable Airmail Carriers to fully comply with ICS2 requirements.
  • Support single step scanning and compliance check at Receptacle level.
  • Forwarding of Airmail information in Cargo formats to leverage the existing cargo messaging interfaces to customs.

The conception and the design of this solution allows:

  • Flexibility to accommodate and adapt to changes and additional requirements related to ICS2 and the process requirements of the carrier.
  • Integration for similar future initiatives from other countries, e.g. US STOP Act.

CDA's MailSuite consists of the following modules:

The individual modules are not only completely inter-compatible, but they can also be used independently of each other and will seamlessly blend into your existing systems.

It goes without saying that the software can be customised to suit your individual needs at any time.

Together let's shape the future of postal logistics to be efficient, transparent and service-oriented.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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