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Money Laundering Agent...we won't let them get away with it

Our Money Laundering Agent is an additional module to our EmbargoAgent system. It is used to detect and prevent money laundering activities. To do so, ML Agent looks through the EmbargoAgent system's inspection reports for suspicious transactions and patterns of transactions carried out by persons and organisations.

Its purpose is to check sets of transaction data as efficiently as possible for signs of money laundering. To do so, it uses a scoring system whereby it detects suspicious persons and/or organisations and allocates these to a certain risk category by assessing the "weight" of individual attributes in the scoring system and applying CDA's inspection algorithm. The higher the risk category, the more likely it is that the persons/organisations concerned are indeed performing a money laundering transaction.

Suspicious persons/organisations detected by ML Agent can be put onto a monitoring list for further observation or a black list in order to prevent further transactions.

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