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Our tech stack

Our experienced software architects design the structure of software systems and make fundamental decisions about the use and interaction of various components.

Front-end development (client side)

Our UI and UX designers ensure a user-friendly interface that is adapted to the user's needs. Prototypes and user tests are used to analyze typical user behavior and optimize the GUI. Our front-end developers create an intuitive interface that is easy to use.

Backend development (server side)

Our backend developers take care of the database server and the actual data processing as well as the server-side logic. They design efficient web service interfaces and provide data and functions to the frontend in the best possible quality.

Our database specialists understand the design of data models in relational databases and the optimization of fast database accesses, even for large amounts of data. They also develop measures for data backup, reorganization and recovery and advise both development and our customers.

Our daily workflows and almost every project include topics such as requirements management, project planning, automated testing, collaboration between software development and IT operations (continuous integration), modern technical environments such as virtualization, cloud computing, and of course IT security.

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