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CDA Fair…use your data to help your company to develop successfully

CDA Fair can carry out business analyses based on your accounting data.

The data for terminal dues which is recorded and stored in ILPost Accounting gets analysed in a controllable manner, thus providing a reliable basis for the month-end income statement closing figures in the postal company's finance system. CDA Fair calculates the amounts of accruals on a monthly basis for all types of mail in an audit-proof manner. Changes to the basic data - such as weight amounts, total consignment figures, IPK (items per kilo) data, rates for terminal dues, quality factors or SDR (special drawing right) rates - are taken into consideration in subsequent accrual calculations and presented clearly and comprehensibly.

The monthly figures are used to forecast the projected profit for the year. This calculation can, on the one hand, be carried out on the basis of the monthly results available so far in the current year - whereby the relative long-term "weight" of past figures for that same month as a proportion of overall annual profit in past years is taken into consideration. On the other hand, a forecast for the year should and can be performed using the total weights from the last available 12 months as well as the currently applicable figures for IPK data, rates for terminal dues, quality factors and SDR rates.

The data can be exported for further statistical analyses.

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