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ILPost Production …also covers your special needs in a professional manner

Whether yours is a large or small company, a public or private-sector service provider, a domestic or extraterritorial office of exchange (OE), ILPost Production will support you in the handling of national and international mail and will document all mail exchange processes – clearly and comprehensibly.

With ILPost Production

  • you will be replacing isolated, stand-alone applications with an integrated all-in-one solution
  • all processes and information gets stored in the system in a clear and comprehensible manner
  • your work processes are simplified
  • you will no longer have any need for parallel paperwork or jotted notes
  • you will have a complete overview of your data at your fingertips
  • you will only need to record data once and that will then provide the basis for all further subsequent processes
  • you will be able to implement your business ideas, procedures and products quickly and efficiently

ILPost Production supports

  • the exchange of EDI messages for postal companies; the transfer and monitoring of CAPE and CAPE 2000 messages (PREDES; RESDES; PRECON; RESCON; CARDIT; RESDIT)
  • international mail, e.g. handling of inbound and outbound dispatches, transit, direct entry, calculation of terminal dues, REIMS procedure, customs clearance, track & tracing, transport optimisation, freight invoicing, etc.
  • national mail processes, e.g. counter service systems, delivery, address management, route planning
  • regulations and processes for all types of mail: letters, packages, EMS, PRIME, EPG, registered mail, etc.
  • document management
  • UPU and IPC regulations and standards

Product features:

  •     The system covers a broad scale ranging from 1 to 500 workstations
  •     ILPost is customisable and easy to adapt to a variety of processes
  •     Links up with all types of conveyance technology
  •     Supports existing processes
  •     Production staff can be trained quickly to use the system
  •     Simple to use without any need for prior knowledge
  •     New EDI partners can be set up quickly
  •     Individual agreements with business partners can be configured in detail
  •     Various different message versions can be processed parallel to each other
  •     Version detection
  •     Test indicator detection
  •     CAPE monitor for monitoring aund controlling incoming and outgoing messages
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